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Profoundly App Review


What is the Profoundly App?

Description: As of the writing of this app review, Profoundly was the #3 app, behind just YOLO and Snapchat in the entire English-speaking Apple App Store. Even if Profoundly’s fame is short lived, that alone is an achievement that millions of apps will never claim. As of the writing of this review, there’s very little existing commentary about the app. But, they claim that 250k people are signing up for the app daily.

This description comes from iTunes:

“On Profoundly, you can rediscover your friends by sending them anonymous texts and feedbacks. That’s what profoundly.me is all about, connecting people through great anonymous conversations. Join 12 million+ people sending and receiving anonymous messages every day, all over the world.

Be the part of an anonymous social network with your friends and share confessions, secrets, news, daily life experiences, funny jokes, news, confidently and anonymously with your friends leaving them clueless and guessing about your identity.

Share your favorite texts and conversations on Facebook and other social apps to let your friends know that you’ve got a secret crush or an admirer.”

So, here’s the user flow sequence:

  • Send anonymous texts to your Facebook friends.
  • Post questions on your Facebook Stories and receive anonymous feedback.

App Store Category: social networking

App Store Rating: 17+

  • Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor
    Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes

Corporate website: https://neargroup.me

What do parents need to know about Profoundly?

Anonymity. It Never. Goes. Well. It’s anonymous sharing. Anonymity has always created a breeding ground for hate and very poor teen decision making. The path of similar apps (YoloLipsi, SarahahAfterschool, Whisper, and Ask.fm) is paved with bullies and hurt kids.

The rating is correct at 17+. We agree! This is clearly an adult app – made by adults and for adults. The language on the app’s homepage makes it very clear that they want users to push the envelope.

Profoundly.me Anonymous Sharing - Protect Young Eyes


Their Privacy Policy is clear – Profoundly is anything but private. The service does not anonymize your posts. Even when you post anonymously, Profoundly still keeps your username attached in its data collection. They also store user IP addresses, zip codes, and once you delete your account, they keep this data for 90 days. Feel free to read the entire policy, but it didn’t make us feel protected.

The best way to prevent Profoundly is to turn off the App Store. We’ve written about this topic. It’s so simple and still not enough parents keep the App Store turned off. And, since kids are given the opportunity to invite other kids to “get the app,” unless you have it turned off or set up with Family Sharing, chances are at least one person they’re following will blanket their contacts with an invite.

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Talk to your kids about bullies. Whether your kid uses Profoundly or not, please make sure they know how to handle a disturbing or really cruel post or comment. Remember, “both kids and adults often say things with their thumbs that they would never say with their tongues.”

Instruct your kids to put it down and tell someone. Two simple steps. They work for porn, predators, and bullies.

The bottom line: is Profoundly safe? 

We don’t believe it is. Or, if you disagree and want to give your child some experience with a tough app, then please at least wait until after they’re 16. Anonymity is just not a great spot, whether you’re 14 or 40. Humans just tend to eventually make a bad digital decision if no one is watching.

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