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App Details:

Description: Supe is a camera messaging app, similar to Snapchat. Receive videos and personal pictures directly to your phone. Respond to them, ask them for requests and engage in 2-way conversations. If you’re done commenting and liking posts without ever hearing back and really want to engage with fitness models, trainers, entrepreneurs, celebs and social media influencers then Supe is for you.

Category: Social Media

APP Store rating: 17+ (Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor, alcohol, drug use, sexuality, nudity, and frequent/intense mature/suggestive themes).

What parents need to know: 

Go ahead – make a list of activities that would require you to pay in order to see them. I think of strippers, or with teens, sexting for pay. These are a few of the activities that are starting to occur on this app. This one is pretty cut and dried – stay away!

Bottom Line: 

The risks are just too great. No teen of any age should be using this app because there’s really just no need.


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