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Android Parental Controls

Intro: Many adults love the flexibility and power of the Android operating system. At Protect Young Eyes, this combination of digital flexibility and power make it a difficult operating system for parents to control. This is why we as a general rule, Protect Young Eyes suggests parents “train” kids how to use the Internet during the teen years on Apple (iOS) devices. The Apple iOS is more of a closed box and easier for parents to control. But, if you decide to stick with Android, then follow the steps below (note: if I can make one last plug, Groupon has great deals on iPhones).

Step 1: Set up OpenDNS on your home’s router.

Step 2: Find software that best fits your situation! 

*Don’t forget that most cell providers have their own suit of parental controls, but other than Verizon, they are pretty weak. Verizon Family Base. AT&T Parental Controls. T-Mobile FamilyWhere. Sprint Safety & Control.

Step 3: Review device activity and have intentional conversations with your son/daughter often.

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