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Android Parental Controls

Intro: Many adults love the flexibility and power of the Android operating system. At Protect Young Eyes, this combination of digital flexibility and power make it a difficult operating system for parents to control. This is why we as a general rule, Protect Young Eyes suggests parents “train” kids how to use the Internet during the teen years on Apple (iOS) devices. The Apple iOS is more of a closed box and easier for parents to control with Restrictions, Family Sharing, and Guided Access. But, if you decide to stick with Android, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Set up OpenDNS on your home’s router.

Step 2: Recently (2017), Google introduced Family Link, which gives parents more control over their child’s device, including screen time, time of day controls, and app downloads. You can read more about it here.

Step 3: Find software that best fits your situation! 

*Don’t forget that most cell providers have their own suit of parental controls, but other than Verizon, they are pretty weak. Verizon Family Base. AT&T Parental Controls. T-Mobile FamilyWhere. Sprint Safety & Control.

Step 3: Review device activity and have intentional conversations with your son/daughter often.

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