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6 GUARD Doorways

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guardStrategy 6: GUARD Doorways

Keep an eye on the ways in which your family accesses the Internet by guarding access at THREE levels:

Guard @ the Location Level:

  • Keep Internet-ready devices out of bedrooms as much as possible. Here’s the reality – for most teenagers, the bedroom is a safe, comfortable space, and it’s where he/she might be tempted to take greater risk online.
  • Have a bedtime “turn-in” time. Put a power strip on mom and dad’s nightstand and line up the devices every night. In 2014, extensive studies from the National Sleep Foundation reported physiological and psychological detriment in kids with unhealthy night time internet habits when compared to their peers. And, let’s be honest – nothing good happens online after 10pm if you’re a teenager.
  • Talk to parents of friends where your kids are spending time. This certainly isn’t a fun way to get acquainted with your neighbors, but if your 9-year old daughter is at a friend’s house where her older brother has unfiltered internet access, then the risk of accidental exposure to inappropriate online content increases. It’s worth the awkward conversation.
  • Talk to school and church administrators. Ask good questions about wireless access points at church and school. Make sure you’re satisfied with answers related to monitoring web activity, blocking social media during the school day, etc.

Guard @ the Router/Network Level: Is your wireless signal filtered? Do you worry about kids or babysitters surfing your Wi-Fi for inappropriate content? We have specific instructions on how to install filtering on your router.

Guard @ the Device Level:

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