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Macbook Parental Controls

Intro: OSX Mavericks has a nice suite of parental controls built directly into the Mac operating system itself, rather than relying on something web-based. The functionality allows you to control websites and also who they interact with in case there are relationship concerns (cyberbullying).

Step 1: Set up OpenDNS on your home’s router.

Step 2: Activate Maverick’s parental controls with: Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Parental Controls. Enter your Admin credentials, and for an existing user, click “Enable Parental Controls”, and then set up the controls. Add new users by clicking “Add” at the bottom of the user list and entering a name and password for the new account.

Step 3: For each account, you can create a custom profile to control App Store downloads, web browser restrictions, general time limits, among others.

Step 4: Install filtering and accountability software. Studies show that kids who grow up in a home where there are open and transparent conversations about internet usage make better online choices. We call these “accountable families.” Covenant Eyes is a super solution for the family that is trying to create a culture of accountability. There are free solutions out there, but none can match Covenant Eyes’ customer service (you always get a real, live human being), dedication to staying current on operating system updates, and innovating ahead of the competition. They also have an extensive library of free ebooks that explain internet addiction and recovery for men, women, teens, singles, etc. For about the cost of one month’s cell phone bill, you can protect your family for a year. You’ll want to check them out!

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