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pc_laptopLaptop (PC) Parental Controls

Intro: Windows has a web-based parental control suite called Family Safety and a companion desktop program to handle user access control. You’ll be able to set individual accounts per user and limit their access to certain websites, monitor all websites visited and limit the amount of time they spend on games and other applications.

Step 1: Set up OpenDNS on your home’s router.

Step 2: Enable parental controls already on the machine.

  • Windows 7: see if it’s already installed by searching for Windows Live Family Safety from the Start menu—otherwise just download it. Select Control Panel>>Family Safety>>Manage settings on the Family Safety Website. Login to the family safety account using your Windows username and password (the ones you use to login to your computer). Select which accounts you want to control, setting up individual accounts per child as needed. Make sure that you set passwords for each account and turn off guest browsing as it can be used to bypass these controls. Set the permissions for each of your children by clicking Edit Settings under each of their names and activating the appropriate limitations/rules.
  • Windows 8: Scroll your mouse to the right edge of the screen and select Settings from the pop-out menu.
  • Windows 10: please follow the instructions on this well-done article by How-to-Geek.

Step 3: Find the filtering and accountability software that works best for you! There are a few options shown on our Resources page. Covenant Eyes works great for lap and desktops, which you can read more about here.


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