Disney Plus (finally) Adds New Parental Controls

Disney+ Parental Controls

Disney Plus (finally) Adds New Parental Controls

Parents Finally Get Better Parental Controls in Disney+


These new parental controls replace those explained in this post from 2019.

As Disney adds more PG-13 and TV-14 content to Disney+, they’ve also improved their parental control options. Unlike Netflix, which forces members to make all parental control changes from a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook, Disney+ allows members to change all controls right in the app, which is wonderful.

The following four changes were made on February 23, 2021:

Restrict profile creation – parents are now able to limit who can add new profiles to the account. This is important so that kids can’t circumvent profile restrictions by adding a ghost profile, watching what they want, and then deleting the profile.

Profile passcode – similar to Netflix, parents can now lock a profile with a 4-digit pin code, indicated by the padlock that you see on the screenshot below. Maybe dad is allowed to watch PG-13, but Blake isn’t. This means Blake isn’t allowed to watch shows on dad’s profile unless he knows my 4-digit pin. Adding a profile passcode is done by clicking the “edit profiles” option and the scrolling down to “profile pin” (see screenshot further down). Adding or changing the profile pin requires the account passcode (so, be sure that auto-fill passwords are turned off unless you want kids to get past this!).

Disney+ Updates Parental Controls

Content restrictions – similar to Netflix, parents can now also restrict the rating of the shows for each profile. And, once again, the content restrictions can’t be changed without the account-level password.

Disney+ Parental Controls Improved - PYE

These are welcome changes! Oh, and a bonus – Disney also enhanced the “Kids Profile” controls. You can toggle on any account as a kid’s profile and require a question to be answered in order to remove the kid’s profile restrictions. The question isn’t difficult, so it would be easy for a kid to exit the Kids Profile. BUT, if he/she is savvy enough to click the profile in the upper right and try to “Edit Profiles,” every change, including removing the Kids Profile restriction requires the account password. This is why creating profile pins is so important! A kid could exit their “Kids Profile” account and then watch their older sister’s account with more mature titles.

And there you have it! Better controls that are better late than never.

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  1. But it sucks that we parents can not block some shows like you do it with Netflix . Just because Disney’s rating thinks a certain tv show / movie is for a 8 years old doesn’t mean a parent is ok with that ratings . I wish they just add the darn option to block what we don’t want our kids to watch.

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