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It’s easy to be anyone you want online.


Percent of kids who have received a sexual solicitation online



Percent of online sex offenders who used the victim’s social media profile to gain information.

(Jrnl. Adolescent Health).


Average age of the majority of victims of Internet-initiated sex crimes. 75% were girls and 25% were boys


How many doorways to the Internet exist in your home?

Sexual predators are nothing new – ancient Greek texts even mention them. But, the Internet has exponentially increased their level of access to your children. Predators go where the kids go – directly to their favorite apps, just waiting for a willing young person.

The internet is always more dangerous at night

In the quiet of their bedrooms, teenagers and broadcasting their lives through apps like Oovoo and YouNow, and are sharing personal information with complete strangers through apps like Omegle, Kik, and Whisper.

Have you talked to your kids about privacy? Kids tend to overshare information, because social media encourages us to share everything. And, if they’re a tween or young teen, then they will overshare in order to gain acceptance in their digital world. Parents must create rules for what kind of information can and can’t be shared.

In our experience, darkness and temptation rule the Internet at night. If you’re a tween or teen, there isn’t much good that happens after around 10pm on the internet. Some basic steps for protecting your kids at night include:

Who is monitoring online activity after mom and dad go to bed? Visit our device section for ways to monitor URL’s through your wireless router and through filtered browsers.


In February 2015, WOOD TV8 in Grand Rapids, MI did a week-long segment called “Download Danger.” This video shows how easy it is for predators to access unsuspecting teens through the texting app Kik.

Parents must have proactive conversations about guarding privacy and personal information. In their quest for acceptance, tweens and teens will naturally overshare personal information in order to gain acceptance unless they’ve been told of the dangers related to predators. How young is too young to talk to children about online predators? If a child has access to any kind of electronic device, including an iPod, Kindle, Play Station, etc, then they need to be told about adults who might want to do them harm.

Here is a link to the National Sex Offender Registry. Parents should know who might live close-by.

NEXT STEPS: The Internet isn’t the enemy…..but, there are apps that people are using to harm our children and gain access to them. Stay informed on what apps kids are using and their related risks so that you can defend your children from online danger. Sign up for our newsletter below (where is says “STAY UP TO DATE”). We’ll do the research for you.