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Is Safe for Kids? Help for Parents

Is safe?

Is Safe for Kids? Help for Parents

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Protect Young Eyes has been informing parents about app risks since last year when we first profiled the app on our App Risks page. The prime age for this app seems to be in the 9-12 range, even though the User Agreement on’s website specifically states in paragraph 1.e. that users must be 13 in order to use the app. But, is safe for your kids?

Additionally, received a message at Protect Young Eyes from a concerned mother whose daughter had done an innocent search in for “dancing” videos and discovered instead a video of a man masturbating. Fortunately, the girl went to mom immediately, which is exactly what we should be teaching our kids (“put it down” and “tell someone”).

But, unfortunately, it seems that these types of profiles are now very prevalent on the app. And, not just of men, but profile after profile of young, tween and teen boys and girls who just from the musername (’s terminology) and profile pic, seem to be using the app to show much more than just their singing ability.

Is Safe for Your Son or Daughter?

At Protect Young Eyes, we simply want to inform parents of the risks. Are we saying that should be avoided? The decision is yours. But, is following a very predictable trend for any wildly popular social media app that allows users to upload their own content. The nature of the content always eventually gives way to an abundance of pornographic material (just like Twitter and Instagram).

What’s so disturbing about this trend for is that due to the young age of use (upper elementary school and early middle school), younger and younger kids are at risk being exposed to inappropriate content and as a result, younger and younger kids seem to be actively participating in creating it.

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In the digital age, passive parenting is not an option! Control all app downloads. Restrict use until at least age 13. Let me cheer you on – be the parent! You can do this! At Protect Young Eyes, we believe parents who are observant, engaged and informed often have kids who learn to use technology well. And, we love talking to parents about these decisions. Could your church or school (public or private) benefit from this type of information? Book someone from the Protect Young Eyes team for a presentation today!

Peace, Chris

Call to Action – Now What?

Now that you understand some of the risks related to social media, are you ready to have awesome conversations with your kids about how to use all of their technology well? Snapchat – pornography – predators – – bullies – help! Please visit our Protect Young Eyes Parent University, where you’ll find videos to watch with your kids, creating common vocabulary, and awesome chats. Sometimes, when kids hear someone else talk about awkward things, it helps them really hear it for the first time. Please visit the PYE Parent University today!

PYE Parent University

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  • Irene m Owen
    Posted at 20:29h, 22 August

    I am so much in agreement that this site is definitely so attracting predators . We are adopting our granddaughter and tough love for the fourth time is not easy but must be done. Yes we need to protect our children. God has placed us , His human children to fight for our love ones….

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