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Biblical Digital Citizenship For Schools and Churches
Biblical Digital Citizenship For Schools and Churches

Ready to teach media-savvy kids and their families how to honor God with technology?

A Few of the Churches and Schools Using our Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Virtue in Media is the First Biblical Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Relevant. Grounded. Flexible. Exactly what teachers need!


We'll get you off the ground running with best practice ideas from other schools and churches. We’ve also included digital policy examples and enough great content to send parents for the year.


Training videos and discussion about the latest digital trends from PYE founder, Chris McKenna. Pornography, bullies, predators, social media, and brain development are all covered.


Engaging, age-appropriate videos, teaching about Digital Citizenship through the lens of Holy Scripture. Included are 5-9 videos for each grade! Recursive for year-over-year learning.


Easy-to-follow, bite-sized teaching lessons mapped to International Society for Technology in Education Standards. Usable in multiple formats, including Google Docs.


Bilingual content (English and Spanish) for parents to continue digital formation at home, based on the videos watched by kids in class. This includes links to helpful blog posts about related topics.


Videos and discussion questions to refresh kids on key topics learned one and four months after initial presentation.

Virtue in Media is Digital Citizenship Based on 8 Key Scriptures

Turns out Holy Scripture has a lot to say about our digital clicks.



PSALM 119:37






Common Questions about the Virtue in Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum

What is Virtue in Media?

It’s a streaming video curriculum that teaches about the latest digital trends. We do this through a library of short videos, in-class discussion guides, bilingual at-home conversation guides, bilingual at-home video content, teacher professional development sessions, church and school policy examples, newsletter and social media content, and more. Our goal is to help schools and homes create a Christ-centered view of using technology.

Who Created Virtue in Media?

Chris McKenna created Virtue in Media. He is the Founder of Protect Young Eyes, which is a constantly updated website used by thousands of parents and organizations, and a team of dedicated presenters that speak at churches and schools around the United States. It’s from this experience that Virtue in Media was created in order to fill the need for Scripture-based digital citizenship curriculum (in lieu of live presentations – but we still love doing those, too!).

Chris is a former middle school youth director and is the current Educational Resource Manager for Covenant Eyes.

In-class lesson content for grades K-8 was created in partnership with Carol Glanville, M.Ed., Curriculum Consultant of Contemporary Education Solutions.


Who Should Use Virtue in Media?

Catholic Schools – all video content was edited by a Canon lawyer to ensure adherence to Catholic teaching. Our Founder, Chris McKenna, is trained in Safe Environments. Protect Young Eyes (parent organization) is a member of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers. We are keenly aware of the need to form children and families in how they use technology safely in an ever-changing digital world.

Non-Catholic, Christian Schools – ever struggle to take secular digital citizenship content and wedge it into your faith-based goals? We’ve done that for you. We handle the presentations with bite-sized video segments (3-5 minutes each) and give your teachers and parents tools to have amazing conversations.

Youth Ministers – the creators of Virtue in Media have over 50 years of combined youth ministry experience. We’ve created a specific package for a church small group environment with bite-sized, video-based teaching. Imagine plug-and-play training for volunteers about the latest digital trends! Imagine a video for parents before mission trips, retreats, and overnight events about device risk! Yes. We understand your world.

Home Educators – What’s good for schools is even better for you. Check out our content made specifically for families.

What Makes Virtue in Media Unique?

Relevant. We satisfy E-rate requirements for digital citizenship. We align with standards and benchmarks for technology integration used in accreditation. We satisfy safe-environment education requirements for students.

Grounded. Most digital citizenship curriculum uses outdated content and age-splits, and avoids spiritual matters. Virtue in Media is built on eight key Scripture passages. We address the latest digital trends, including “tricky people,” pornography, social media, cyberbullying, sexting, reputations, and digital footprints. The videos are constantly updated. We strategically split all content into grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, so that kids receive age-appropriate instruction on delicate topics.

Flexible. Our videos can be used whenever they fit into a class. Only have 15 minutes? Great! Show your 8thgraders one video about Snapchat, ask 1-2 of our questions, copy and paste our bilingual note to parents into an email. Done.

What's Included in Virtue in Media?

There are different packages, but here is a summary of what a complete package includes along with more samples:

  • Videos – these deal with the latest digital topics. For a complete summary of all videos included in the packages, click here.
  • Curriculum – for schools and home educators, the curriculum is broken up by grade, satisfies International Standards for Technology in Education, shows clear linkage to Scripture, and is easy to follow. For churches, the small groups curriculum tells leaders what to do and say in a step-by-step fashion.
  • Training – it’s important that teachers, small groups leaders, and home educators are informed and empathetic about digital issues. We teach them through four long-form training videos that include group discussion. These are included in the curriculum and a sample can be viewed here.
  • At-home Discussion (bilingual) – it’s important that parents continue the conversation at home. Our At-home Discussion Guides help them do that with topics they often aren’t comfortable with.
  • Newsletter Snippets (bilingual) – 10 pages of cut-and-paste paragraphs about the latest digital concerns to be included in an organization’s newsletters, social media, or other communications.
  • Policies – we provide templates of basic digital policies that should be in place at schools and churches, including staff purity, digital behavior, and digital communication with students, among others.

How Does Pricing for Virtue in Media Work?

The cost is a one-time charge. It’s not a subscription! You have access to the content for life.

What About In-Person Presentations for Students and Parents?

Yes! We love doing those, too. Virtue in Media was created to allow more schools, churches, and home school families to use the content. But, we still love speaking directly to students and their parents as often as possible. In fact, an amazing way to implement Virtue in Media is to use the subscription to cover the students with in-class video content, and then invite the Protect Young Eyes team to come for an inspiring, evening presentation to parents [here is our request form]. This is a very popular option!

I Still Have Questions - Now What?

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