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What is Push It?

Push It came out of nowhere, and as of the time of this review, was #1 in the “Lifestyle” category, ahead of Pinterest, Tinder, and Zillow. It’s as minimal as apps come – send push notifications to your friends. Check out a few more details about Push It below.

App Category: Lifestyle

Corporate website: okpushit.com (which really just circles you back to the App Store)

APP Store rating: 

What else do parents need to know about Push It?

  • Push it is the latest creation from the makers of the Snapchat platform app, Sendit, which features augmented reality games and anonymous Q&As that work directly IN Snapchat.
  • Since the App Store description doesn’t say much, here’s how it works. It’s a basic follower/following model that lets users send out a push notification to everyone who subscribes to you on the app.
  • Those followers can then respond to that notification to spark a one-on-one conversation, similar to Sendit.
  • Push it requires full access to your Contacts on your iPhone and prompts you to invite friends to join you via text messages.
  • It puts an “OK” button next to a seemingly randomly selected contact which, when pushed, will create a text you can send them to join.
  • Privacy is a mess – it’s clear from the app’s privacy policy that they intend to sell user data. But this really isn’t new – most of the apps that we love do this. Apple is trying to clamp down on this with their enhanced privacy settings, which is helpful.
  • It seems to have taken advantage of recent app growth hacks, like soliciting reviews, which is does very creatively with this attractive offer in exchange for a 5-star review:
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Image credit: fullsenders, inc.

The bottom line: is Push It safe?

There’s no porn or predators, just the privacy concerns and the fact that the messaging can’t be monitored. But if you’ve given your kid an iPhone, then you’re already accustomed to minimal ability to monitor texting in iMessages (Bark is one of the only services that monitors Apple’s texting). Overall, it’s not a very risky app.

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