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Protect Young Eyes exists to keep kids and teens safe from the dangers lurking on portable, Internet-ready devices.

Chris McKenna, Founder: After a 12-year career in business advising with Ernst & Young, and six years in middle school ministry, Chris is now the Educational Resource Manager for Covenant Eyes, an Internet Safety and Accountability Company. In 2015 he created as a way to equip and encourage parents and students towards responsible use of technology. He has a compelling story explaining why he so strongly desires to protect kids and teens from internet dangers. In a world where technology is native to our kids, Chris has done hundreds of hours of research in order to level the playing field for parents and to inform teens of the risks of using the internet recklessly. Chris presents to teens and parents throughout the Midwest and is regularly featured on WOOD TV8 and WOOD 1300 AM for his research.

Rose Crawford, Presentation Associate: Rose is a pastor’s wife and parent of three children. She has been involved in youth ministry with tweens, teens and young adults for over fifteen years and has filled the role of mentor, counselor, teacher, leader, encourager, and friend. Because of exposure to sexual content as a very young child and the role pornography issues have played in the life of her own family, Rose desires to affect positive change in the lives of those to whom she speaks. Her goal is to educate and inform, in an engaging way, and provide families the strategies they need for protecting their kids online.

Doug Crawford, Presentation Associate: Doug is a faithful husband to Rose, father to Sheyenne, Ryan, and Joshua and friend to everyone he meets. He is driven by his desire to provide for, prepare, and protect those entrusted to his care as they interact not only in the physical world, but also the digital world. With over 15 years of experience helping students and their families live according to their created purpose, Doug seeks to serve each audience with compassion, integrity, and a dash of whimsical flair.

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