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Internet Safety Presentations
Internet Safety Presentations
Internet Safety Presentations
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The Latest Apps Explained

Have you read the Discover section of Snapchat? (it’s full of porn)

Do you know how to check for fake Instagram accounts?

Have you found the hidden doorway to Google in the Bible App?

We’ve done the research for you! 

The Latest Digital Trends Explained

Instagram Porn Introduction: For years, we’ve been telling parents about inappropriate content on Instagram. We even coined a phrase, Instaporn, to characterize the trend of sexualized content that seemed to be invading a once, pure photo app. Those days of innocence are gone. And, the......

Introduction: Most teachers and youth pastors desire healthy and trusting relationships with their students. But, clear relational lines must be drawn. This blog posts attempts to create a framework for schools and churches to consider when establishing these boundaries with their school and church policies. ......

Are Sleepovers a Good Idea in the Digital Age? This is the question I want to explore in this blog post. It might be summer time when you’re reading this, which means your kids are spending more time in other places. Sleepovers might happen more......

Another Field Trip with a School Bus Full of Smartphones As my daughter departs for her middle school field trip to a local amusement park, I’m left to wonder how many combined hours of online activity will take place during the combined three hours that......

Popular Devices Explained

Parental controls made easy with videos and step-by-step instructions.