We Are Internet Safety Experts

We speak to students, parents, and teachers about digital citizenship.

Let us Customize an Internet Safety Program for Your Organization

Student Surveys

We've created age-appropriate surveys for grades 4-12. Assess the digital behaviors of your students so that leadership, parents, and our team know where to focus our efforts.

Expert Presenters

We've performed over 500 internet safety presentations across the US and Canada. We bring our best to kids, teens, educators, parents, and caring adults.

Marketing Assistance

We'll customize an 8-week Marketing Plan just for you, including parent communications (also in Spanish), social media graphics, flyers, press releases, and email templates.

Free Content

We leave you with 6-months of tech content to send in newsletters, in-class discussion guides, and at-home conversation starters (also in Spanish).

Internet Safety Presentations We Perform

Questions we'll tackle:

  • What's the right amount of screen time?
  • How do I teach my kid about tricky people (predators)? 
  • Is my child addicted to gaming?
  • What's the right age for social media?
  • What's the best parental control solution?
  • How do I talk to my kids about porn?
  • How do I block porn on our devices?
  • Instagram vs. Snapchat?
  • And so much more.

Feedback about our Internet Safety Work

Dan Behm, Superintendent, Forest Hills Public Schools

"PYE provides extremely useful information, tips, and tools for parents. Parents must take an active role in managing these powerful tools, and it is never too young to build good habits. PYE covers this A to Z. Your future self will thank you for heeding the advice provided by Protect Young Eyes."

Wendy Hofman, Head of School, Lansing Christian

"PYE is able to communicate relevant, up to date information about the impact of the internet and social media on our young people, accompanied by the ability to connect with students of all ages and parents alike. Our organization continues to benefit greatly from Chris' leadership with our students and parents."

"That presentation was five bills."

The response from a high school student when asked by PYE speaker Doug Crawford how it went. Don't worry. It's a good thing.

Protect Young Eyes in the News Fighting #forthekids

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