Gryphon Router (Wi-Fi in your home)

Your ROUTER is the most important digital device in your home! PYE Founder Chris uses and trusts the Gryphon router to protect his four kids from explicit and inappropriate content online. He loves the parent app, which gives him full control over his home's wireless network from anywhere! PYE has tested Gryphon against other routers and we think it beats them all. We think you'll love it!


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Key Tools that Fight to Save Childhood

The best FIRST phone. Perfect for tweens and young teens. No games, social media, or internet. They also have a watch. Delay the smartphone!


Monitor >30 social media apps. Text messages. Email. Parents alerted when concerning content identified. Used by 1,000s of PYE followers!


Technology is a complex monster!
Tame it with The PROTECT App.

Technology is a complex monster! Tame it with The PROTECT App.

PROTECT will help your family become predator-proof, porn-resilient, and screen-wise.

  • 5 minutes a day! Our bite-sized lessons and videos simplify complex digital subjects and respect your busy schedule.
  • Create digital trust! Quick, practical tips will help you build rapport and decrease digital friction.
  • Prepared & protected kids! The videos in Protect give your children the tools they need to navigate a hostile digital world.

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