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Protect Young Eyes has been featured in various media sources. The videos below are short, but show how we are attempting to equip parents with critical technology-related information.

Target 8: app raising child safety concerns

Protect Young Eyes founder Chris McKenna brought this story to WOOD TV8 for further investigation, as he was contacted by a mother concerned about what her young daughter found on the app. Should you kids be using it? Protect Young Eyes further analyzed the app in a blog post, Warning for Parents.

Target 8: Download Danger: A guide for parents

The “Download Danger” series ran during the week after Super Bowl 49, highlighting the dangers of the Kik app, after a Grand Rapids teen discovered she had carried on an online relationship with an adult predator through the app. There are so many reasons why this app is not appropriate for early internet users, as explained in the Kik app profile. The “Digital Kids Parent Guide” referenced in this segment has been replaced with all of the content on the Protect Young Eyes website.

Maranda: Protecting your kids online

Moms are on the front lines when it comes to teaching their kids how to use the internet responsibly. It starts young, maybe with streaming videos via Netflix on the family’s tablet. It later progresses to games and then social media. Moms need to know the risks that come with certain apps so that they can decide what’s right for their children.

Target 8: Download Dangers: Keeping Kids Safe Online

This early (!) morning segment is a continuation of Target 8’s investigation into Kik and explains strategies for parents if they want to protect the young eyes in their home. Teaching our kids how to use the internet well is much like teaching them how to ride a bike. You can read more about the similarities between these two activities in our May 2015 blog post.

Woman’s alleged relationship with boy started on Xbox

This July 2015 story highlights the more obscure internet doorways that exist and the risks they present to young internet users. Our July 27, 2015 Blog Post explains these “hidden” internet access points and steps parents can take to decrease the risk of a harmful online experience.

Young girl blackmailed for nude pics, expert weighs in on danger

Anyone can be whoever they want online. This particular story highlights the significant damage that can be done to young, unsupervised internet users, but also shows the importance of parents involving law enforcement if they discover that their child is in a harmful situation with a sexual predator.