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“The parent presentation was an eye opener.  I went home that night and spoke with my teenage boys about many of the key topics Chris presented that night.  I highly recommend this to any school or group working with elementary through high school students.
Tony Silveri, Principal, Emmons Lake Elementary
“The greatest strength of the program is Chris’ ability to know his audience and to reach them with age-appropriate and current information about how to stay safe on the Internet. Chris’ presentations are a “must hear” for all parents and students.”
Becky Reits, Principal, St. Monica’s
“Doug’s command of his material and his great communication skills caught the interest of our parents and opened our eyes to the reality around us.”
Pastor Dave Pierce, First Baptist Church, Coldwater 
We were so happy with the presentation that Rose did and the information was so pertinent to our lives. We have recommended this to several other groups already!”
Fremont MOPS Leader
I am stunned at the information Chris presented and yet feel blessed to have found Chris and the website!” Parent
“The Presentation was very well-received by the parents! Many indicated that the presentation included much needed info. that they have been looking for…the delivery of the presentation was well thought out, included excellent visuals/clips, and Chris was very engaging and could hold everyone’s attention.”
Brenna Stibitz, Counselor, Byron Center West
“It felt like Chris was an expert. The information felt new, even though we all knew what kind of stuff we were going to be hearing!” Parent

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2016/2017: 9,000 Students Heard Our Message!

2016/2017: 3,300 Parents Learned how to Parent in the Digital Age!

2016/2017: >60 Schools, Churches, and Community Groups Engaged Us!