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Internet Safety Presentation - Catholic Schools

We help catholic schools create safer digital environments.

Pope Francis said, “…the Church today feels especially bound to work strenuously and with foresight for the protection of minors and their dignity.” We weave our knowledge of Catholic teaching on Theology of the Body and the dignity of the human person into our expertise on the digital risks facing kids today. We love to teach! And, after bringing our Catholic presentation content to hundreds of classrooms, we would love to partner with you. Our bilingual content covers students, educators, and parents.

Internet Safety Presentation - Christian Schools

We Help Christian Schools Connect The Bible To Technology.

The Protect Young Eyes team has over 60 years of combined experience working with families and young people in ministry. Our energetic, Bible-based, live presentation material for students in grades K-12, educators, and parents, in addition to in-class and at-home content, can create a culture of digital citizenship that helps families honor God with every click. We can help you take internet safety to a new level.

Internet Safety Presentation - Public Schools

We Help Public Schools Create Responsible Digital Citizens.

The Protect Young Eyes team understands the needs of public schools that desire a balanced, pro-technology approach to digital citizenship. Our internet safety presentations give students practical, easy-to-remember tools for using technology responsibly. Pair our live student presentations up with a teacher professional development session and an evening parent presentation, and you’ll start to create a digital culture that helps families win in the digital age.

Internet Safety Presentation - Churches

We Help Churches Protect Their People From Digital Risk.

Fight the New Drug founder, Clay Olsen, has said, “This [pornographic] material is more aggressive, harmful, violent, degrading, and damaging than any other time in the history of the world” (Set Free Global Summit 2016). Protect Young Eyes will help your students and adults have open and honest conversations about today’s digital risks and create a foundation for preparing kids for an increasingly sexualized and hostile digital world.

Internet Safety Presentation - Other Organizations

We Help Organizations Equip Their People In The Digital Age.

Whether you’re an adoption agency, continuing education organization, public health department, non-profit holding a retreat, or university that wants to give its employees a perk over their lunch break, the Protect Young Eyes team can tailor our nationally-recognized adult presentation content to fit your unique needs. With almost 500 presentations under our belt, chances are, “we’ve done that!”

The Digital Culture of Kids

Check out our nationally-recognized parent presentation, given by founder, Chris McKenna, at the Bethany Post-Adoptive Education Night in August 2018.

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