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PROTECT Premium will help your family become predator-proof, porn-resilient, and screen-wise.

  • Unlock the full PROTECT experience—Get access to 30 additional lessons with 400, bite-sized, super consumable panels (and 200+ more coming soon)!
  • Engaging video content—Experience the magic of 20 professional videos that you watch with your kids & build digital trust. These are being produced with a special group of teens and young adults for maximum impact.
  • Faith-based versions of lessons—Utilize the faith toggle with three Scripture translations for Protestants & Catholics to align the PROTECT lessons with your beliefs.

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Internet Safety Simplified
only $3.99/month!

Internet Safety Simplified
only $3.99/month!

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Hear what others are saying about PROTECT Premium

Hear what others are saying about PROTECT Premium

I've been following this since you announced it was coming! It's going to change the way we (parents) view technology issues for good! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Yes!!! This is so true! Technology can be such a blessing, but as my kids are growing, I'm finding my role becoming greater constantly! It's a lot of work. Thanks for the encouragement!

Chris, we would be lost without you! Thank you for decoding Chromebook safety features (and lack thereof) for any non-techies in the crowd. And please, please write the song!!

Answers to common questions

Protect has hundreds of small panels - micro lessons. These bite-sized pieces make it easy for busy parents to get the quick tips they need.

Find 5 minutes a day to boost your digital confidence. That’s it! In the school pick-up line. Waiting for the pediatrician.

Panels also include optional Spanish and faith-based content. An Emergency section helps with quick information for critical situations (porn, sexting, predators).

It's 5 years experience and 1,000+ presentations all in your pocket.

Have other questions? Email [email protected]

(just tap a locked lesson)

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