Aren’t I an Amazingly Kind and Benevolent Parent?

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Aren’t I an Amazingly Kind and Benevolent Parent?

Parent-led ownership is such an important idea to plant with your kids as early as possible when it comes to digital devices! 💪🏽

Think of it this way, we don’t buy internet-ready devices for our young kids – we buy devices for US and we let them use these devices from time to time.

For tweens, we tell them early and often that technology is a WE activity and not just a ME activity. This is why we named the hot pink Kindle for my (then) 10-year-old daughter, “Dad’s and Lauren’s Kindle.” Because there’s nothing she needs to hide! This way, she understands that it’s a shared device and not just hers. We’re in this together!

Because whether you’re 4, 14, or 40, one-on-one with the internet isn’t a great spot 😎

This is why even DAD (me) has online accountability (@covenant.eyes) with friends because even Dad needs help making sure he uses technology well!

For teens, words like, “Aren’t I an amazingly kind and benevolent parent that I’m allowing you to use this incredibly awesome and powerful smartphone while you’re living with us!” #jokingnotjoking

“And let’s talk openly about the software and tools we’re going to use on the device (NO spying) to keep everyone out of bad spots.”

Even if your teen is paying for the service and/or the device, it’s the same! Because anytime we bring something so powerful and potentially life-changing into the home, there are guidelines and protections that are good for everyone. Especially younger siblings.

And trust me – starting a Parent-led ownership “it’s all on loan” mentality at age 15 is painful. It doesn’t work well! Having those conversations with your teens gets a whole lot easier if you’ve planted the seeds early.

Parenting with you!

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