What is the YOLO app? Description: On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, YOLO became the #1 most downloaded app in the entire Apple App Store. Even if YOLO’s fame is short lived, that alone is an achievement that millions of apps will never claim. This description comes […]

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Yubo App Review

Yubo App

What is the Yubo App? Description: Yubo (formerly Yellow – corporate website: www.yubo.live) is designed to do one thing – allow teens to connect and flirt with each other in a “Tinder” atmosphere (swipe right or left). Think of it as Snapchat and Tinder rolled into one,

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  March 2018 Update: Due to a viral petition circulated by the mother of a young girl who received death threats through the Sarahah app, it has been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. Wow! Way to go, mom! If you

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  What is the Bitmoji app? Description: The Bitmoji app allows to create your own personal, cartoon avatar (also called a sticker), using an endless selection of facial and character features. The app is owned by Snap, Inc. (the inventors of Snapchat) and it integrates seamlessly with Snapchat,

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