School & Church Policy Examples

Chromebook Guidelines Example

Do students in your 1-to-1 Chromebook program have a clear understanding of expectations? What are their responsibilities versus yours? This policy can help answer these questions.

Chromebook Parent FAQ Example

Do you have a 1-to-1 Chromebook policy at your school? If so, have you equipped your parents to make great decisions with the devices? This document can help.

Chromebook Parent FAQ Example

Communication with Youth Policy

Should staff and volunteers follow each other's social media accounts? Should a teacher send Snaps to a student? What about youth pastors who follow student Instagram accounts? This policy can help you determine where your risks might be.

Cell Phone Usage Policy

Where are kids and staff permitted to use their smartphones? Are school busses a risky place for kids to be online? The rules here are often ignored or applied inconsistently (that's our experience at many schools). These best practice examples can be tailored to your situation.

Staff Purity Policy

For a faith-based organization, this policy can help set the tone for what's expected of staff regarding their online behavior. Are your people modeling the right digital behaviors?

Staff Social Media Policy Template

Do your staff and volunteers know what's expected of them when they're representing your organization online? The lines between "personal life" and "professional life" can be fuzzy.

Child Media Release Form

Protecting the privacy of children is really important in today's digital environment. Be sure your organization has asked permission to take photos and video of your kid. If not, you might open up the organization to unnecessary risk.

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