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CleanBrowsing DNS

  We recommend CleanBrowsing DNS for blocking known porn domains. What is CleanBrowsing? It’s a clean DNS service (we’ve written extensively about DNS, making it easy to understand). Cost: free (they also have a $3/month paid version for greater control, which you can read about in the …

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Summer Internet Risk - Protect Young Eyes

3 Reasons Internet Risk is Higher During the Summer

Summer means greater internet risk for many kids. Let’s talk about three areas of life that are different during the summer which contribute to kids potentially making riskier online choices. New Places Create Greater Summer Internet Risks In Michigan, between Memorial and Labor Day, many families …

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Xbox Parental Controls

Xbox Gaming System

The Complete Guide to Xbox Parental Controls Yes, pedophiles use gaming devices to reach out to kids (as displayed in the news segment below). Please follow the steps below to set up Xbox parental controls on your Xbox One or 360 in order to create a …

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Kindle Fire Safety

Kindle Fire HD

The Complete Guide to Kindle Fire Parental Controls The Kindle Fire’s web browser, Silk, is difficult to filter and doesn’t make a very good “training ground” for young internet users. As you’ll see below, we recommend turning the browser off and enabling the great parental controls that …

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