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We recommend Covenant Eyes accountability and filtering for high school and older.

Use Covenant Eyes as a transition away from Bark, in an effort to teach teens how to monitor their own behavior through accountability. Or, layer CE with Apple’s Screen Time. CE is what PYE Founder Chris used to defeat a decades old struggle against online temptation. It’s the best accountability tool available.

What is Covenant Eyes? It’s a device filtering and monitoring (accountability) service.

Cost: $17/month/ or $184/annually, unlimited devices, up to 10 family members. NOTE – use promo code protectyoungeyes for 30 days free!

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Suitable ages: Covenant Eyes could be used with a responsible middle school student but it’s even better for high school students and older who are ready for monitoring by another caring friend or adult.

Strengths: Covenant Eyes uses a 2-app approach to sensing and reporting online activity. The main Covenant Eyes app is what you download from either app store. From there, your ally will receive an invitation to download the Victory app, which includes an Activity Feed, educational courses, notifications, and reminders. It’s a really great system. You can also download and use the Victory app alone, for the counselor-certified courses, which can help you understand how porn impacts our brains, relationships, and behaviors. Covenant Eyes invented online accountability, and they continue to RE-invent better ways to do it.

TRY COVENANT EYES TODAY! Don’t forget the promo code (protectyoungeyes).


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