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Covenant Eyes Software

We recommend Covenant Eyes accountability and filtering for high school and older.

Use Covenant Eyes as a transition away from Bark or Mobicip, in an effort to teach teens how to monitor their own behavior through accountability. Or, layer CE with Apple’s Screen Time.

What is Covenant Eyes? It’s a device filtering and monitoring (accountability) service

Cost: $15.99/month, unlimited devices, up to 12 users. NOTE – use promo code protectyoungeyes for 30 days free!

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Suitable ages: Covenant Eyes could be used with a responsible middle school student but it’s even better for high school students and older who are ready for monitoring by another caring friend or adult.

Strengths: a report of internet activity is sent to an accountability partner, who can be a parent or another trusted adult. It’s the power of positive, accountable, God-honoring conversations that encourage appropriate online behavior. Filters alone don’t work for older kids – they just try to beat them. Accountability encourages individuals to make wise choices, thereby creating real behavior change. Covenant Eyes invented online accountability.

TRY COVENANT EYES TODAY! Don’t forget the promo code.

I would like to learn more about accountability – sounds like it might help!

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