Learning to Fight


Learning to Fight

I never intended to tell people about my pornography issues. It was something I hid and wanted to keep as quiet as possible. Then, it just kind of slipped out. Last year I was talking to a group of parents at a local school about the connections between brain development, adolescence and the internet when I just sort of said it. I told them I had dealt with an adult addiction to porn that started way back in elementary school when I flipped through some magazines. Something small that led to something big and ugly. I told them I wanted to prevent kids from dealing with the issues I still deal with today.

And something completely unexpected happened. People were drawn to my story. Complete strangers told me their own stories – painful stories of how their young kids had stumbled into bad things online and their confusion and hurt as parents. They also told their friends, youth pastors, and school administrators about my material, and I’ve been able to share the message of protecting our kids from online dangers with hundreds of families. This was not my intention, but God never wastes a hurt.

And, now the real battle begins. I have an accountability partner, filters and reports that track my internet activity, and yet, I still fight a daily battle to “fix my eyes on Jesus” and not give in to my flesh. Phillip Yancey said, “Many Christians have one issue that haunts them and never goes silent.” I heard someone else say, “What you fight, fights you.” Both are proving exceedingly true in my life. Now that I’m taking back enemy territory, the enemy is ticked. And, all the while I keep thinking to myself, “If I have all of these protections around me and I still struggle daily, then what chance does a 12-year old boy without any protections have against this tidal wave of inappropriate material?”

He doesn’t have a chance. Which is why we have to fight. Parents, grandparents, and educators have to fight. And, I want to help! I have the passion, understanding and energy to help. That is the purpose of Protect Young Eyes. If I can help your family in a specific way, please let me know. We will fight together!

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  1. Chris–I applaud you for two things, first and foremost is coming clean to your issue. We need Christian leaders who bravely and squarely tell it like it is. Because our story is a key that can help unlock the door to freedom for someone else.

    Second, I love what you’re doing with this site. You are a good man with a good and noble heart and have impacted me greatly over the years. Thanks for your friendship and for partnering to protect kids and the adults who love them.

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