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Push It

What is Push It? Push It came out of nowhere, and as of the time of this review, was #1 in the “Lifestyle” category, ahead of Pinterest, Tinder, and Zillow. It’s as minimal as apps come – send push notifications to your friends. Check out a […]

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What is Signal? Description: The Signal app is a free and instant communication tool. Users can text and send pictures, videos, voice messages, and files. Video and voice calls can also be made to anywhere in the world for free. It boasts about keeping conversations secure

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Google Hangouts

  What is Google Hangouts? Description: Google Hangouts is a messaging, video, and calling app. It allows users to connect with others from all over the world and all the calls to other Hangouts users are free (absent your carrier’s charges). There’s the option for group chats

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Messenger App Review

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger App Details: Description: Messenger is quickly becoming a pseudo-social media platform. Some of its features include: Group video calls (up to 8 people) and voice calls Record and send voice and video messages Text messaging, send GIFs, pictures, videos (in the USA only) Add a

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  What is the Jott app? Description: The concept behind Jott is genius, allowing teens to communicate with each other without a cell signal or Wi-Fi, using a Bluetooth low-energy or a router that’s within 100 feet to create something called a “mesh network” on smart

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Updated August 23, 2023 WhatsApp Details: Description: Quite simply, WhatsApp is a messaging app available for most smartphone platforms using the internet connection or Wi-Fi to message, call, text, group chat, and send photos, videos, and voice messages with friends and family. Though not as popular in

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  What is the Kik App? Description: Kik is a smartphone/tablet app for instant messaging. There are no message limits, character limits or fees if you only use the basic features. Most kids use Kik as an alternative to SMS text messaging (SMS is the “regular”

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