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The Complete Guide to Android Parental Controls Updated: October 17, 2020 Related posts about Android parental controls – don’t worry, everything in these bulleted posts is included below if you don’t want to click around: Family Link Parental Controls What’s better – Apple (iPhone) or Android […]

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Mobicip Parental Controls

Mobicip is a strong filter and great for Chromebooks.   What is Mobicip? It’s a device filtering and monitoring service. They just launched a lot of new features and an easy-to-use parent app dashboard. Cost: $49.99/year for a family. Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac, PC, Kindle.

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Android parental controls


Android Parental Controls When it comes to Android versus Apple, the age-old question from parents is, “which one is better for my kid?” There are definitely pros and cons. Android devices are definitely cheaper. Apple devices are typically seen as “more cool” by kids. Android’s operating

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