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What is Locket?

The Locket Widget app came out of NOWHERE! A young software developer named Matt Moss missed his girlfriend, so he created an app for her to send random pictures to his iPhone screen throughout the day! A digital “locket.” He created a TikTok explainer video, launched it to the App Store in January, and MILLIONS of downloads later, he has one of the hottest teen apps!

 Check out a few more details about Locket below.

App Category: Social Media

APP Store rating: 12+ – Apple’s App Store

What else do parents need to know about Locket?

  • Locket lets you send pictures straight to the home screen of your iPhone for up to 5 friends. It’s brilliant and hits on what teens love about Snapchat: instant, easy, and fun. It’s like a tiny Instagram picture feed right on your screen – with no words.
  • It leverages a seldom-used little pieces of software on the iPhone, and it’s those little widgets. Delivering a little surprise – an unpolished, “in the moment” picture – from a friend or loved one. It’s so simple, and I think that’s what makes it so attractive in a complicated, algorithm-fed digital world.

Does Locket have any risks? Yes. Three that stand out:

  • Risk – Locket asks for access to contacts, but claims they don’t keep them.
  • Risk – a friend could send an inappropriate picture straight to your home screen.
  • Risk – the terms & conditions say that Locket owns and has rights to all pictures! Concerning.

The bottom line: is Locket safe?

There’s no porn or predators, but there are privacy concerns. Overall, it’s not a very risky app, but based on our review, you can now make an informed decision!

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