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What is the VSCO Photo App?

Description: VSCO (company website – Visual Supply Company) is a photo editing app that allows sharing to other apps like Instagram. Users create a profile and then can upload images for editing and organizing into categories like images, journals or collections. It’s similar to other photo apps like Instagram, but it’s viewed as higher quality and it does not allow for social interaction within the app – it’s simply a place to create awesome photos. 

Category: Photo and video

App Store rating: 12+

  • Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
  • Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
  • Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

What do parents need to know about VSCO?

The app is fun for creative expression! We love taking candid shots of friends or loved ones, and capturing those gasp-worthy moments of gorgeous nature scenes. This allows all those things to be magnified and encourages artistic design and expression with the various editing tools and features.

Will this app replace Instagram? Not likely. Some have stated that VSCO is a more refined version of Instagram with a different goal. The rumor states the creators had hoped the focus would be more about photos and making them look “real” rather than on the social aspect of pictures that look “good,” as is the case with Instagram.

There are no options to “like” a photo that can be viewed publicly, but the photographer can see, privately, those who “favorite” or “share” their work.

What’s the hype about? This app has appeal for teens because it offers some anonymity. There is no public knowledge of affirmation and there is protection from public criticism. The description states “With no public followers, likes or comments, you can post what you like, when you like.” You are still able to follow and be followed with VSCO but it is not available for other users to see – just you.

Is privacy an issue on VSCO?  Although you can’t make your account “private,” young users can and should remove location information. So, this is important -> VSCO allows users to opt not to include location data in both the images they take or upload, as well as the images they share from the app.

In-app purchases are available. Some of the these in-app purchases are completely free of charge. There is an option for an annual subscription which gives access to more exclusive editing tools.

Is there porn in VSCO? Not that we could find. Some suggestive photos – scantily clad, but tasteful images. It’s typically hard to prevent inappropriate content from infiltrating apps where users upload their own content, so we’re keeping watch.

Can you direct message on VSCO? Yes. But only with people who are mutually following each other. This is different and safer than Instagram, which allows anyone to DM anyone else, even if they have a private account.

Parents sometimes have quite a few questions about direct messaging within the VSCO app. Their FAQ does a pretty good job explaining the basics of VSCO messaging.

The bottom line – is VSCO safe?

We found very few reasons to be concerned about VSCO. More often, it’s important for parents to understand that this is an app that kids might request in order to make their Instagram photos look better.

Note – we have a bigger issue with kids <16 using Instagram. If you would like a tool that monitors Instagram, including the photos (if using an Android device), please consider Bark.

Bark Parental Controls

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