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Nintendo Switch Introduction:

With Nintendo Switch, no longer do you have to be at home with your gaming console, now you take it with you. With its online capability, the Nintendo Switch lets gamers stay connected with friends and link up to play with other users. There’s even a chat feature, though it appears it needs some enhancing for ease of use. The Joy-Con control becomes one or two controllers, depending on if the user wants to play in single-user mode or share a with a friend. It’s a fun concept that allows flexibility in the gaming experience. But just like anything that connects to the internet, there are risks involved. Please follow the steps below to set up parental controls on your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls:

Nintendo Switch Set-up Step 1: Set up OpenDNS on your home’s router (this is necessary in order to filter web content, since the Switch doesn’t have a content filter of its own, yet it does connect to the Internet). 

Nintendo Switch Set-up Step 2: Set up parental controls using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App, which you can download from the iTunes or Google Play store. This article from Tom’s Guide explains the parental control options in detail. Parents can turn off the chat feature (recommended), access to post on social media through Facebook and Twitter (recommended), and limit screen time (recommended). 

Here’s a Nintendo Switch walk-through video:

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