Wireless Router Parental Controls

Wireless Router Parental Controls

Don’t forget to set parental controls on the router!

A vast majority of homes are not filtering or monitoring the wireless signal. This allows babysitters, sleepover guests, and visitors to obtain unfiltered internet access in your home.

Some routers come with their own set of parental controls in their dashboard. This might sound technical, but there’s probably a website you can visit for whatever brand of router you purchased and you’ll be able to access some parental controls for your specific router.

The key to protecting the WiFi in your home is something that almost no parents use called clean DNS.

It’s the most under-utilized protection out there.

We explain everything you need to know about it in a step-by-step blog post titled:

How to Protect Porn on Any Device. For Free.

How to Block Porn with DNS

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