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The Complete Guide to PS4 Parental Controls

The gaming systems today are absolutely fantastic pieces of tech. But please never forget that all gaming systems now have the ability to connect to the internet in some way. This is why it is so important to set up the PlayStation 4 parental controls using the guide below.

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[updated January 19, 2020] We believe there are multiple layers that should be in place in order to adequately protect a PS4:

4 Layers of PlayStation protection: Location -> WiFi (router) -> Configure PS4 parental controls -> Configure CleanBrowsing on the PS4

Layer 1: Guard the location of the PS4.

Remember, where kids use technology often dictates how they use their technology. We have strong opinions about controlling where kids use their tech. For example, internet-ready gaming systems should probably be kept out of the bedroom until at least age 16. Otherwise, get ready for risk-taking and sleep deprivation.

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Layer 2: Set up clean DNS on your home’s WiFi (router).

You are responsible for every digital click on your home’s network, and so be sure to control the router. Popular options for parents are:

We’ve also recently found OpenDNS to be glitchy with our internet service, which is why we’ve moved to CleanBrowsing’s clean DNS for every device in our home, including the router.

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Layer 3: Configure PlayStation 4 parental controls.

There’s actually a pretty impressive array of PlayStation 4 parental controls available on the device. Accurate set-up is important.

From the Home screen, scroll up to get to the Function menu. Scroll right to “Settings” and select it by pressing the X button on the controller. Then select “Parental Controls/Family Management” to view the following two sets of parental controls.

  1. PS4 System Restrictions: Manage the entire use of your PlayStation by choosing “PS4 System Restrictions.” You can set restrictions on all users on the system controlled with a system restriction passcode.
  2. Family Management: Become a family manager and create accounts for up to 7 children in your household. This allows you to customize parental controls for each child, as explained below.

Choosing “PS4 System Restrictions”

  1. Select “PS4 System Restrictions” by pressing the X button and then select “Application” (games and apps) to apply the appropriate parental control.
  2. The default 4-digit password is 0000 (four zeros). It is recommended that you reset the password. This can be done from the “PS4 System Restrictions” menu. Select “Change System Restriction Passcode” using the X button, then enter the current password, and you will then be prompted to enter a new passcode. Don’t forget it! You will be prompted to enter this new passcode every time you want to adjust any parental controls setting.
  3. Select “Default Parental Controls” in the “PS4 System Restrictions” menu to get started. Select “Age Level for Games” and then choose a restriction level. The following numbers correspond to age ratings that come from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB):
    • – E (Everyone)
    • – E10+ (Everyone 10+)
    • – T (Teen)
    • – M (Mature)
    • 10 – AO (Adults Only)
  4. To control what videos are viewable without first entering the system restriction passcode, adjust “Age Level for Blu-ray Disc/DVDs.”
  5. To require the system restriction password before using PlayStation VR, set “Use of PlayStation VR” to “Not Allowed.”
  6. To set parental controls for the Internet browser (**important**), in “Parental Controls,” select “PS4 System Restrictions” and then select “Default Parental Controls” followed by “Use of Internet Browser.” Your options are “Allowed” or “Not Allowed.” Selecting “Not Allowed” will block access to the browsing the Internet on the PS4 system.

Choosing “Family Management”

After adding user accounts, you can configure these accounts. Two spots where parents typically want to exert some control include playtime controls and spending limits.

Playtime Controls

  1. On your PS4 system, go to “Settings” and select “Parental Controls/Family Management.”
  2. Select “Family Management”.
  3. Select the user for whom you want to set a spending limit, then select “Play Time Settings”.
  4. Choose a time zone for your child.
  5. Choose “Play Time Restrictions” and set it to “Restrict”.
  6. Choose “When Play Time Ends” and choose “Notify Only” if you want your child to see an on-screen message when their play time is over. Choose “Log Out of PS4” for stricter play time controls.
  7. In “Duration and Playable Hours” you can choose when your child is allowed to use the PS4 and for how long. Add a check mark to “By Days of the Week” to schedule different play times for each day of the week.
  8. Save your changes to play time settings.

NOTE: it is possible to bypass a parental control passcode by initializing (resetting) the console. This deletes all user profiles and is essentially a factory reset. It’s an extreme measure, but one that parents just want to be aware of.

Spending Limits for Child Accounts

  1. On your PS4 system, go to “Settings” and select “Parental Controls/Family Management.”
  2. Select “Family Management”.
  3. Select the user for whom you want to set a spending limit, then select “Applications/Devices/Network Features”.
  4. Scroll down to “Monthly Spending Limit” and press the X button.
  5. Choose a monthly spending limit for this user and press the X button. When you’re done, your changes will be saved automatically.

NOTE: Funds will be taken from the family manager’s wallet, so make sure you set limits and don’t pre-load funds into the wallet. The family manager will always receive an email whenever a purchase is made via the PlayStation Store for added control.

Layer 4: Configure CleanBrowsing on the PS4. 

This article shows great screenshots – there’s no need for us to re-create them.

How to Change DNS on PlayStation 4

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