Does Disney Plus Have Parental Controls?

Disney Plus Parental Controls

Does Disney Plus Have Parental Controls?

Disney’s streaming video service, Disney Plus, is here (also available as an app for iOS or Android)! Endless Star Wars, Marvel, The Simpson’s, Pixar, all of your Disney favorites, and more. And it’s inexpensive, with many people taking advantage of early sign-up promotions or deals through other services, like Verizon.

Although many of the movies are kid friendly, there are a good number in the Star Wars and Marvel universe rated PG-13, which some parents might not want their kids viewing quite yet.

Enter Disney Plus parental controls. Or, should we say, “Disney Plus parental suggestions.” Yes, there are parental controls that allow you to prevent PG-13 movies from being watched, but parents can’t lock anything in. Which means that a persistent, tech-savvy tween can easily change his/her profile to toggle off anything mom and dad try to prevent.

When using a kid profile, only content that’s rated G, TV-Y, TV-Y7/Y7-FV, or TV-G will be available.

This video shows you what we mean:


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