Instagram Releases Reels Everywhere (Move over TikTok)

Instagram Reels Review

Instagram Releases Reels Everywhere (Move over TikTok)

What is Instagram Reels?

Reels is “Instagram’s attempt to keep you away from TikTok.” You add music and effects to videos – it’s almost that simple.

Here’s Instagram’s own announcements: Introducing Instagram Reels

Here are various articles talking about the Reels release:

What do parents need to know about Reels?

Reels isn’t a separate app. If your child has Instagram then she/he has Reels. This new feature is part of the Instagram camera and you can search videos directly in the Explore tab, as you can see in this video (yes, Will Smith is already posting videos):

Instagram Reels Recording from Chris McKenna on Vimeo.

Parents! Please find 15 minutes and read our extremely detailed Instagram App Review in order to understand all of Instagram’s risks and other features. Over one billion people use Instagram every month! There’s a pretty good chance that with so many humans already using Instagram, that Reels is here to stay.

Additionally, Reels is going to bring with it all of the dopamine reward-driven compulsions that come with TikTok and kids wanting to be famous. For some, it’s corrosive to their mental health. Amazing child advocates like Collin Kartchner have hundreds and hundreds of DM’s from kids who have confided in him about what TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram have done to their mental health. It’s heartbreaking.

Does this mean that every kid is going to ruin their lives on Reels? Absolutely not! But if you had hard feelings about TikTok, then you should have those same feelings for this feature.

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Ready to monitor social media? Then it’s time for Bark.

Bark monitors more social media platforms than anyone. Although Apple makes it difficult to monitor Instagram (and the Reels feature) on iPhones, Bark can send an alert when new apps are downloaded. And, they cover plenty of other apps that kids love, including texts, chat, email, YouTube, and 24+ social media platforms for signs of cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, adult content, and more.

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Bark Parental Controls


*There are affiliate links throughout this post because we’ve tested and trust a small list of parental control solutions. Our work saves you time! If you decide that you agree with us, then we may earn a small commission, which does nothing to your price. Enjoy! 

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