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Protect Our Precious Young People with Virtue in Media

Virtue in Media Digital Citizenship

Protect Our Precious Young People with Virtue in Media

Virtue in Media is the First Bible-Based Digital Citizenship Curriculum!

That’s the premise behind Virtue in Media, the first-ever digital citizenship curriculum based on Holy Scripture.

I’ve dreamed of creating a digital version of our in-person content for schools, churches, and home educator groups to use with their precious young people. I want to show kids how God’s eternal Bible still provides loving guidelines for our digital lives.

For a limited time, we’re offering special launch pricing. I know that schools and churches are deciding on 2018-2019 curriculum over the next few months. Special launch pricing is:

  • 20% off (coupon: launch30) through April 15 – for those who want to do something positive on tax day.
  • 10% off (coupon: launch10) then through July 15 – for those who love the tool, but can’t pay for it until next year’s budget.

Did I mention that all at-home content is bilingual? I’ve spent considerable time in Latin America as a student, business man, missionary translator, and visitor. I have a heart for helping Spanish-speaking parents who might struggle to help their English-speaking kids navigate the digital world.

Virtue in Media is a game changer – what are you waiting for?

You can find a full feature list at Virtue in Media and if interested, you can even schedule to participate in a weekly webinar with Chris, where he will demo the content, showing how it helps schools, churches, and home educators form their kids in how to use technology well.

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Living life to the full! That's why He died and how I try to live. I have an eclectic list of professional experience...CPA, business advisor, youth pastor, development director, now educational resource manager for Covenant Eyes. God shares wild ideas with me about life while I run. I want to show parents how to protect their kids from online dangers, which led to the creation of Protect Young Eyes. We recently created Virtue in Media, the first digital citizenship curriculum based on Scripture (

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