Snapchat Removes Cosmo After Dark Channel After Uproar

Cosmo After Dark Taken Down

Snapchat Removes Cosmo After Dark Channel After Uproar

With Your Help, Snapchat and Cosmo Listened – Cosmo After Dark is Gone!

You read that correctly, friends. Cosmopolitan sent us a response to our original Tweet around noon on May 24 confirming the following about the After Dark channel that launched on May 18:

“Cosmopolitan has always been known for empowering women in all aspects of their lives. With a highly popular Snapchat Discover channel, Cosmo launched an age-gated product on the platform for adults over the age of 18, which it is discontinuing after a pilot edition.”

Protect Young Eyes broke the story about the Cosmo After Dark Discover Channel on May 20, in a blog post that was shared by thousands and read by millions. THAT is the power of technology being used in noble and productive ways! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to take action. The statement above was confirmed with Snap, Inc. by WSPA News 7 reporter Ben Hoover.

Remember, parents and all caring adults who are observant, engaged, and informed, often have kids who learn to use technology well!

Thank you, Snapchat for Listening to Parents – You Need Us in Order to Survive

If you would like to send Snapchat a message, thanking them for listening to our voice, here is a link to their contact form in the Investor Relations section of their website: Contact Snap, Inc.

Cosmo After Dark

Cosmo After Dark Taken Down

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