What is Fortnite? Description: Famous for its Battle Royale game, Fortnite has evolved into much more. A collection of games for kids and teens. Battle Royale, LEGO, Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and 500+ user-made game modes. “Fortnite” is much more than ONE game. Fortnite is available […]

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Minecraft App Review: Description: One the most popular games of the past decade. Minecraft allows for unending creativity, but there are risks with its multiplayer features. Since its launch way back in 2011, Minecraft has steadily grown its player base as it continues to add new

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What is Signal? Description: The Signal app is a free and instant communication tool. Users can text and send pictures, videos, voice messages, and files. Video and voice calls can also be made to anywhere in the world for free. It boasts about keeping conversations secure

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As of December 12, 2020, the Squad app is no longer available after it was acquired by Twitter. What is the Squad app? The best place to hang out. The idea for the app came from a 14-year-old girl named Emma who wanted a better way

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Wink Parental Controls App Review


What is the Wink app? There’s a flurry of apps being released that are trying to solve Snapchat’s lack of an account search feature. First, we wrote about HOOP. Now, here comes WINK. Wink connects with Snapchat, shows you Snap profiles of other users, and allows

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Byte - Creativity First - App Review


What is Byte? At a super high level, Byte is a 6-second video version of TikTok (which allows videos up to one minute). It is attempting to differentiate itself with a slightly different revenue model than TikTok, but their content is similar. Condensed creativity. Do you

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IRL Social Calendar

Important IRL Update: IRL has shut down their services after an investigation showed that 95% of their userbase were automated bots! This app is no longer available or useable. If you would like to continue reading onto what it was, feel free! But know that this

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Photo Roulette Parental Controls

Photo Roulette

What is the Photo Roulette app? Apple App Store Description about Photo Roulette: “In Photo Roulette, you and your friends team up and engage in a highly social game on your phones. In each round of Photo Roulette a random photo is chosen from one players’ photo

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What is Reddit? Reddit is the central hub for everything that exists on the internet. Almost like if Google, Twitter (now X), and Facebook Groups joined forces into one digital space. People talk about everything and anything, divided into groups based on topics. It’s the front-page

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What is the Hoop app? HOOP connects with Snapchat, shows you Snap profiles of other users, and allows you to connect with them or swipe away to the next Snap profile. Once they’ve exchanged Snap info inside of Hoop, the rest of the conversation happens on

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