How to Set ALL of Amazon’s Parental Controls


How to Set ALL of Amazon’s Parental Controls

Chris – How do I control Amazon? Help!

Amazon doesn’t make it easy! They control so many apps, sites, and devices, and when viewed together, it can seem so overwhelming to families. How in the world can they protect their kids from harmful videos, music, and content?

The information here about Amazon’s parental controls comes from various pages on our site and also from our Protect app. But, we’ve summarized it below so that parents and caring adults have it in ONE spot! What you’ll read was also posted on our PYE Instagram page, where we are very active. Come on over and follow us!

Parental Controls for the Prime Video App on a Smart Device:

  • Log in and tap My Stuff.
  • Tap the Settings gear, upper right.
  • Tap Parental Controls, enable Touch ID or a 5-digit pin.
  • Set Viewing Restrictions. There are multiple, good options.
  • **KEY – scroll to the bottom and be sure to check all boxes so that the Viewing Restrictions apply anywhere you are logged into Amazon, including on the website.
  • Note – use your parent Amazon account in all places where kids watch, and you’ll see their “Continue Watching” content anywhere.

Parental Controls for the Prime Video App on a Smart TV:

  • Log into the app using your parent account.
  • If you have an Amazon Fire TV, then the Prime Video app on the TV will obey the parental controls you set for the TV.
  • If you have any other brand Smart TV, then the Prime Video app will have the same parental control options as the smartphone app, including Viewing Restrictions, Purchase Restrictions, and the ability to change the Prime Video PIN.

Parental Controls for Prime Video via a Web Browser:

  • Log in and click the 3 bars on the left.
  • Click Prime Video, select Prime Video again.
  • Click the gear on the right, toward the top, click Settings.
  • Click Parental Controls, and you’ll see the same options as in the app! Including 5-digit pin, purchase, and viewing restrictions.
  • You’ll also see that same list of digital spaces that you saw in the Prime Video app that are using your Amazon login. Make sure they’re all checked! Those are the spots where you can enforce these Amazon Video parental controls.

Parental Controls for the Amazon Shopping App:

Unfortunately, there aren’t parental controls in the shopping app or shopping section of the website! And, I’m sure that many of you already know that there are many mature items for sale. And some of these items “pop” up in innocent searches, just like in a search engine.

This is why Amazon has been targeted by NCOSE and other organizations. They need to segment their goods.

**Hey, also be aware that if you’re purchasing things on Amazon that you don’t want young eyes to see, then you’ll want to “edit” your Amazon browsing history! See the image below:

Amazon Shopping App Browsing History - PYE (2)

Parental Controls for the Prime Music App on a Smartphone:

  • Log in and tap the gear in the upper right.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Your only option is Block Explicit Songs. Unfortunately, explicit podcasts are still accessible.

Parental Controls for Alexa:

We have an entire Alexa set-up guide in the Protect App – just head to your App Store and search “Protect Young Eyes!” Here are some key steps:

  • Download the Alexa App and connect.
  • If you want to enable Amazon Kids: tap Devices at the bottom.
  • Tap the device where you want Amazon Kids.
  • Tap the Settings gear in the upper right.
  • Scroll down and look or Amazon Kids, tap, and enable the toggle. Follow the steps.

There are other Alexa settings to be aware of, including controls for voice purchases, privacy (you’d be mortified to know how much Alexa collects from you!), and explicit music filters. Check out the Protect App!

Parental Controls for your Fire TV:

  • Select the gear in the menu bar that spans across the screen.
  • Select Account & Profile Settings.
  • Select Parental Controls, and you will be able to control a range of ratings-specific items, purchases, and more, using a 5-digit passcode.

Parental Controls for your Fire Stick:

Great news! Your Fire Stick, which is used in the back of non-Amazon smart TVs, uses your Prime Video account settings!

Parental Controls for Your Kindle Fire HD:

We have an entire Kindle Fire HD set-up guide in the Protect App – just head to your App Store and search “Protect Young Eyes!” Here are some key steps:

  • Give the Kindle a name! Preferably one that includes a parent!
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings (the gear icon).
  • Tap Parental Controls and toggle it on. Review the options! Be sure to block the Silk browser.
  • For even more control, consider using Amazon’s Kids+ paid service.

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  1. There are parental controls for shopping if you add your child to your Amazon account. You can choose the age range and settings on purchases. If you restrict all purchases, the parent can view and approve the purchase. I have had my teenager set up this way for a couple of years now.

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