How to Protect Your Kids from the Smart TV

Protect Kids from the Smart TV

How to Protect Your Kids from the Smart TV

Most Smart TVs are Now Just a Large Smartphone

When I speak to parents, I ask them to take inventory of all of the ways their family members can access the Internet. This includes public places like McDonalds, church youth group, a friend’s home, and anywhere else. Each location warrants at least some energy regarding parental controls. Smart TVs are no exception. 

How do I Protect a Smart TV? Ask These Questions.

Thanks to the UK Safer Internet Centre, we have a spectacular list of questions you can take to Best Buy to ask your sales associate.

Internet access: Smart TV’s create another doorway to the over one billion websites on the world wide web. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Is it possible to disable the internet browser (and lock it out) on the smart TV to prevent my child from surfing the web?
  • How can this TV be used to watch or download films and TV or listen to music? Can I restrict access to content based on age ratings?
  • **CRITICAL** Have you set the home’s router to a clean DNS provider so that any browsing done on the TV is controlled at the router level?

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Parental controls: Since mom and dad aren’t going to be there every time a child is using the smart TV, it should have parental controls that can be set and left, much like on a smartphone.

  • What parental controls are available on this smart TV?
  • Can I create user profiles for the TV to ensure I can set up a child account?
  • Have you set parental controls on each of the apps that might exist on the TV, e.g., Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, the Roku plugged into the back, etc.

Special note about YouTube – this app is extremely difficult to control. If you’ve connected the Smart TV to a wireless router that’s running a clean DNS like CleanBrowsing, then you can a least limit YouTube to Restricted Mode, which is always preferred! 

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  1. Hi, so, is are the DNS blockers put on the device or is the wifi routed thru some filter?

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