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Set Parental Controls on Christmas Presents

Parental Controls

Set Parental Controls on Christmas Presents

Parental Controls for Every Tech Gift

Christmas is just weeks away! Which means you might have a child who is receiving a new Internet-ready device this year. If that’s true, have you considered how to enable parental controls or what filtering and monitoring service will work best?

If not, no worries. We want to help!

Here is a list of popular internet-ready gadgets, and explanations and videos explaining the parental controls that exist for each device, updated for 2017. If any of these items are showing up under your Christmas tree this year, then please spend at least a few minutes understanding how to protect your precious young people from online dangers:

Our hope is that these write-ups answer many of your questions or at least get you started in the right direction. It’s our dual goal at Protect Young Eyes to not only educate parents, but also protect kids.

Bottom Line: Do Something about Parental Controls

In its unfiltered state, the Internet is a black hole of risk. No child (or adult for that matter) should be left to navigate the unfiltered Internet alone. With well over one billion websites, and some estimates putting the amount of pornographic content at over 20%, parents must be observant, engaged, and informed when giving their children Internet-ready devices.

If Santa is in the mood for gadgets this year, then our hope is that he’s also in the mood to protect the little ones in your home.

Now What? Do this in the next 24 hours!

Now that your devices are protected, are you ready to have awesome conversations with your kids about how to use their technology well? Please visit our Protect Young Eyes Parent University, where you’ll find videos to watch with your kids, creating common vocabulary, and awesome chats. Sometimes, when kids hear someone else talk about awkward things, it helps them really hear it for the first time. Please visit the PYE Parent University today!

PYE Parent University

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