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Wireless Router Parental Controls


Router parental controls are really important.

A vast majority of homes do not filter or monitor their wireless router. This allows babysitters, sleepover guests, and visitors to obtain unfiltered internet access in their homes.

Some routers come with their own set of parental controls in their dashboard. Here are a few routers that we recommend, which take parental controls seriously:

  1. EERO Home Mesh Router. Great, expandable coverage for larger homes. Decent parental controls for screen time and content filtering.
  2. Circle with Disney acts as an accessory to your router, giving you strong parental controls. It’s not a router, but connects to your router. Easy-to-use app for you to exert screen time and app control over your kid.
  3. If you’re a gaming home, then the Asus AC3100 is your beast. Fast. Powerful. Parental controls included.

For almost every family, one of those, or Circle paired up with your existing router, is going to work just fine.

Another free solution that few parents know about is clean DNS. If you don’t know what that is, then read the blog post below. CleanBrowsing is one of the best we’ve tested and the best part? It’s free. Free to block porn from anyone connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. The PCWRT Router above has CleanBrowsing built into it. CleanBrowsing can layer with Circle and also be used for strong porn blocking on the Asus.

Learn more: How to Protect Porn on Any Device. For Free.

How to use CleanBrowsing with your wireless router:

Once you have those two things, you’ll enter the clean DNS IP addresses above that you want. Also, make sure the router’s dashboard is password protected.

**Special note for AT&T U-verse families. Unfortunately, those darn 2-Wire routers they give you are NOT configurable. OpenDNS has a support article that explains what you can do, but it’s not easy and it will cost you another router.

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