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Google Home is a Wi-Fi speaker that also works as a smarthome control center and an assistant for the whole family utilizing G0ogle’s artificial intelligence (A.I.)-supported Google Assistant. You can use it to playback entertainment throughout your entire home (YouTube, music, movies), effortlessly manage everyday tasks, and ask Google things you want to know. Prices start at just $29 for the mini-Home device which is similar to its primary competition, the Amazon Echo.

Google Home Parental Controls

By linking your Home device to your Google account, you have the ability to enable a few parental controls that should prevent most kids from accidental access to inappropriate voice-activated content. As a default, Home bleeps out most comment swear words.

In order to limit explicit music and video content from YouTube (that you might play through YouTube on a smart TV), Google Play Music, and other music/radio services from playing on Home and linked devices, follow this link:

Google: Control Restricted Content Help Page

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Learn how to play YouTube videos on TVs using Google Home by visiting this Google support page:

Google: Play YouTube using Google Home

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