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Netflix App Details:

Description: Watch TV shows and movies recommended for you, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries.

Category: streaming video

APP Store rating: 17+ (Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor, alcohol, drug use, sexuality, nudity, and frequent/intense mature/suggestive themes).

What Parents Need to Know About Netflix: 

Most of what parents should be aware of is covered in the short video above. Netflix streams movies, which of course means there are R and NC17 rated movies. Even if parents don’t set up a separate profile for a child, it’s critical to at least enable a pin number for movies over a certain rating. You can only do this through the Administrator’s account (the one paying for the service), by following the instructions in the above video.

March 2018 Update! Netflix has rolled out two important updates for parents:

  • Parents can now set a movie-specific 4-digit block for individual shows.
  • Rating information is now more prominently displayed on each movie.

You can read more about these changes in this article from TechCrunch. It seems as though this feature improvement is in response to the outcry from parents, educators, and counselors from the 13 Reasons Why series, which is now heading toward another season.

Quick tip for parents: Netflix shows recently watched movies. A child would have to work very hard at clearing out inappropriate movies from their recently watched queue by intentionally starting “cleaner” movies. Parents can frequently check movie history and specifically talk to kids about the fact that there is a Netflix history, and these type of direct conversations can sometimes prevent inappropriate conduct proactively.

The Netflix Bottom Line for Parents:

With parental controls set, Netflix is fine, but without them, inappropriate, pornographic, and potentially disturbing videos are everywhere.


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