Internet Safety Cheat Sheet

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet

Don’t Worry, You’re in the Right Place!

Protect Young Eyes and The Internet Safety Cheat Sheet have joined forces to provide even more help to parents and caring adults.

I’m Chris McKenna, the founder of Protect Young Eyes, and I have a great story to tell you.

The Internet Safety Cheat Sheet, created by Jen Gordon, has been a big hit with parents and educators who were looking for an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for protecting their children from digital dangers. Recently, Jen felt the Lord’s call to pursue other options and began searching for a suitable home for her popular Cheat Sheet. Through a set of Divine circumstances, she discovered Protect Young Eyes, and quickly saw that we had a shared vision for protecting kids and equipping parents. That is why you have landed here! The Internet Safety Cheat Sheet is now a part of Protect Young Eyes. 

In the Cheat Sheet, Jen laid out parental controls for popular Internet apps and websites. You can find the same information at Protect Young Eyes in the following places:

If you’re new to Protect Young Eyes, you won’t want to miss reading our three most popular blog posts here:

I’m so glad that you’re here! I have four children of my own, between the ages of 5-12. I’m committed to protecting them from digital dangers and giving you the tools you need to protect the young eyes in your home.

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In addition to providing valuable information for parents, we also provide internet safety presentations for students (grades K-12), parents, and educators all over the U.S. Here’s a recent quote from a principal at a Catholic school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Doug Crawford from the Protect Young Eyes team recently spoke to students:

“The Protect Young Eyes presentation empowered our students to be cautious and confident consumers of digital media. This program was the most necessary and powerful educational assembly we have provided our students in the last three years.”

Welcome to Protect Young Eyes!

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2 thoughts on “Internet Safety Cheat Sheet”

  1. I would like the free pdf internet safety cheat sheet.. Please don’t take a good helpful free resource away.

    1. Hi, Lisa – we found that it’s extremely difficult to keep a static PDF updated with the constantly changing parental controls on each of the different devices and apps that used to be covered on the Cheat Sheet. Thus the move to a more dynamic platform, like webpages that are viewed by many and more easily discoverable by Google for specific content. If you have a specific situation where the Cheat Sheet is helpful, maybe I can help you create something comparable. Please let me know.


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