Boomerang Parental Controls

We recommend Boomerang for protecting iOS devices (without a VPN).

Boomerang Parental Controls


What is Boomerang? It’s a device filtering and monitoring service.

Cost: $30.99/year for a family (which is VERY reasonably priced).

Supported platforms: iOS, Android (and Chromebook is coming).

Suitable ages: we find that Boomerang works best for elementary through middle school, but for anyone who wants to specifically steer clear from porn, it could also be strong in high school See the Age-Solution grid below.


  • When compared to Mobicip, Boomerang doesn’t use a VPN, which is what some families need.
  • They promise a world-class filter with SPIN and it is very safe. Which leads to a weakness because as kids grow up, it might be too restrictive. Their leadership is close to releasing additional category toggles for parents, which will help.
  • They have a 14-day free trial and for what you get, the price is unbeatable.

[button href=”https://boomerangparentalcontrol.page.link/protectyoungeyes” style=”emboss” size=”large” color=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#ffffff”]Learn more and try Boomerang for free.[/button]

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