Private Photo Vault

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App Details:

Description: On the surface, this application looks like a calculator but if you put in passcode it will open up a private area. All files are securely stored in the App and remain completely private and confidential.

Category: Photo & Video

APP Store rating: 4+ (there’s nothing insidious about it, but its inherent risk is off the charts high).

What parents need to know: 

Sexting – The bust of a recent sexting ring in Canon City, Colorado involving over 100 middle and high school students put private photo apps in the spotlight.

They’re everywhere – If you search for “private photo app” in the iTunes App or Google Play Stores, you’ll find many vault apps, including Gallery Lock Lite, Best Secret Folder, KYMS, Keep Safe, Vaulty, and Photo Vault. Some hide behind a “My Utilities,” clock or game icon. The more sophisticated versions even use the phone’s camera to take a picture if someone starts poking around the apps.

Controlling these vault apps is simple – turn off app downloads! We recently wrote about this for iOS on our blog, and Android also has some (not as strong) Google Play Store controls through setting up restricted users.

Bottom Line: 

This app, and all others like it, encourage possession of inappropriate photos and videos. This app is not appropriate or necessary for minors. The app store rating is very understated.


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