Triller App Review

What is Triller?

From the Google Play Store:

Triller is an entertainment platform built for creators. A social video community where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. Express yourself and connect with the content you love.

Millions have made Triller videos on the fly including Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Rae Sremmurd, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart and more. Just shoot a few takes, tap the Triller button, and we quickly edit everything together into an impressive, shareable video.

(From the Apple App Store) Use Triller to:

  • Create professional-looking videos in minutes with the help of our unique auto-editing algorithm
  • Look your best with 100+ filters and personalize your videos with text, drawings and emojis
  • Access the top trending tracks or your own music from your library
  • Collaborate with friends next door, or all over the world, in a group video
  • Share videos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Text, Email or save to your camera roll

App Category: Photo & Video

Corporate website: Triller, LLC

APP Store rating: 

What do parents need to know about Triller?

It’s TikTok. Just called something else. Seriously. That’s all it is. And millions are flocking to it with all of the noise about President Trump banning TikTok in the USA.

Triller has searchable content even if you don’t have an account. We performed some naughty keyword searches for #sexy, #porn, #twerk and of course there’s content. Nothing nude that we found. “Just” suggestive.

Unlike TikTok, there are zero parental controls. No restricted mode. No time limits. No parental pairing.

Triller App Review Screen Shots

Triller feeds on the promise of becoming famous. And even living in some swanky home on the West Coast like these guys. They’re making a lot of money. And girls might be swooning. But I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, cry, pity – not sure! I hope they know this isn’t real life.

The bottom line: Is Triller good for your kids?

Just like its cousin – TikTok – this app is mostly a time suck on the precious lives of teenagers. Kids might be able to use it well and they might not get caught up in the dopamine-induced promise of Triller fame. We’re just not sure it’s worth the risk of finding out if your kid is the exception.

Ready to monitor social media? Then it’s time for Bark.

Because the app is brand new, no one monitors it yet. But, Bark can send an alert when new apps are downloaded. Plus, they cover plenty of other apps that kids love, including texts, chat, email, YouTube, and 24+ social media platforms for signs of cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, adult content, and more.

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Bark Parental Controls

*There might be affiliate links throughout this post because we’ve tested and trust a small list of parental control solutions. Our work saves you time! If you decide that you agree with us, then we may earn a small commission, which does nothing to your price. Enjoy! 

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