Parent Tech Talks e-Book

parent-tech-talks-ebookParent Tech Talks E-book

There’s no such thing as passive parenting in the digital age! It’s time for parents to have more tech talks.

Parents already have the most important tool for raising a generation of responsible, God-honoring digital natives. Your voice!

This e-book provides conversation guides for each age and stage of life, in all of the unusual and awkward spaces, like sexting, pornography, social media, bullying, and self-image. Where parents are unsure, we want to provide certainty. We hope parents will use this e-book to practice, look their kids in the eye, and have intentional, persistent and consistent conversations (pray for the right timing – God will help).

When this happens, and parents say the right things at the right times, we believe it plants seeds of trust and certainty in the hearts and minds of their kids.

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