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Vero app logoWHAT IS THE VERO APP?

Description: in their words, “Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.” It’s trying to compete with Instagram and in the midst of changes to the social media giant, Vero is doing well in grabbing some market share. Vero solves some Instagram problems: (1) it provides a sequential feed that isn’t altered by an algorithm, (2) it provides more privacy options, and (3) it’s ad-free. It’s still just social media – share pictures, share videos, hashtag, comment, repeat. Will it stick? Probably not.

Corporate website:

Category: Social Media

APP Store rating: 17+


  • The Vero app clearly looks like it was made for adults. Our readers know that we don’t promote any use of social media in an app environment until high school. This remains true for Vero, which based on who is using it, the font, and its clean look, seems tailored for an adult audience. Related post: No Social Media Until High School #waitingisloving
  • The Vero app has a shady past. There are rumors of Russian involvement and its CEO has a less than spotless past.
  • Yes, Vero is already full of porn. Anything with hashtags has pornography. Vero is no exception.


It’s still social media. And this one is specifically made for adults. The interface looks like something for adults, it’s rated for adults, and it was made for them. No teen needs this. Plus, like most social media, we expect it to fade quickly.

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